Placing a bid on an item you are interested in couldn’t be easier, when viewing the item details page you will have two areas from where you can place your bid, one next to the item details and a second at the bottom of the page.

To place your bid simply enter the amount you wish to bid e.g. 50.00. Please note no currency symbols are required. The bid will be placed in the auction currency.

Once done you will be asked to review your bid and you will also be able to view vital item details such as the shipping conditions before confirming your bid. To submit your bid simply press the “Place Bid” button.

If your bid is high enough to take the lead in the auction a confirmation message will be displayed to you, however if your bid has not taken the lead be it due to a higher proxy bid or not meeting the reserve price you will be invited to make a further bid.

You can also place a proxy bid, proxy bidding allows you to place your “High Bid”. At all times you will only pay the lowest required bid should you win the auction. For example, if the current bid on an auction is 500.00 you can place a proxy bid of 2,000. Should you remain the only bidder you will only pay 500.00. However should the item receive other bids the site will automatically re-bid for you (up to 2,000 in this scenario) to ensure you remain in the lead.

To create your account choose the “Register” link on the header navigational bar or use any of the links available on the home page.

When registering you will be asked to complete a short form which includes standard information such as if you are registering for a Business or Personal Account, your contact details, preferred login credentials etc.

Mandatory fields include:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • E-Mail address – You can choose to receive our Newsletter
  • Username & Password
  • Registration Pin – CAPTCHA Code to prove you are human and not a computer
  • Confirmation of the Zimzy Terms and Conditions acceptance

Note: You can also enter your direct payment information here or wait and enter it from the Members Area.
Once registered you will receive an E-Mail confirmation to activate your account, Open the email and click the activation link.

What is My Reputation?
Our Reputation System enables members to enter comments about their dealings with other members. This helps members make a more informed decision.

All reputation comments are public and cannot be retracted once entered. Please use proper etiquette when posting (avoid all capital letters or screaming), remember to use the same language you would use if you were speaking to your buyer or seller in person. You can only leave one comment per transaction, so please allow time to work problem out before leaving reputation.

To read a member’s reputation file click the number next to the member’s name
Example: zimzy_member (10)

At the top of the Comments section you have the ability to sort the comments by:
  • All Ratings – This will display all ratings.
  • From Buyers – This will display all ratings left by buyers only.
  • From Sellers – This will display all ratings left by sellers only.
  • Left for Others – This will display the ratings left by this member for other members.
Important Reputation Policy
Zimzy provides members with the ability to leave comments about their experiences in dealing with other members, through our reputation system.

The actions below are prohibited:
  • Threatening a member with negative Comments.
  • Leaving Comments that contains vulgarity or profanity.
  • Leaving Comments that discloses another member’s personally identifiable information.

Keep In Mind
In the event that your reputation rating should reach the status of -2 (negative 2) your registration and account will be suspended. It is expected that you will use the Reputation System in a manner that upholds and maintains the integrity of the Reputation System.

Does a high reputation rating mean that a Zimzy member has a great reputation?
Not necessarily. In most cases, a high reputation rating is a good sign, but you should always check a member's reputation profile for any negative remarks. It's best not to judge members only on their reputation ratings.

When should I leave Reputation Comments?
Leave Comments after completing any purchase or sale on Zimzy. Your honest Comments help shape Zimzy and directly impact the success and behavior of other Zimzy members.
You can see a list of the transaction that still require Comments from you. Simply login to the Member’s Area, find the Reputation section and click on Leave Comments.

How do I decide what type of feedback to leave&mdashpositive or negative?
If you had a good experience with a buyer or seller on Zimzy, reward them with a positive comment. If you were treated poorly, try to resolve the problem first by contacting the member. Most problems can be corrected by improving communication. If things are still not resolved, consider leaving a negative comment, but remember to be fair.

To list your items simply click on the “Sell” link found on the header navigational bar.

First Select where you want to list your item Site, Shop or Both if you only want the item on the Zimzy Auction Site and not added to your Zimzy Store, select “Site”. If you want to add the item to your Zimzy Store and not to the Zimzy Auction Site, select “Store”. If you would like to have you item appear on the Zimzy Auction Site and in your Zimzy Store, select “Both”.

The rest of the listing process is split up into a few simple steps:

  • Main Category Selection
  • Second Category Listing (Optional)
  • Item Details
  • Auction Settings
  • Images/Media
  • Shipping and Payment
  • Listing Preview
  • Listing Confirmation

The listing process is developed in such a way that you are guided through every step seamlessly.

Step 1
Main Category Listing - Choose the Category/Sub Category you wish to list your item in, this can be revised at any time by using the “Previous Step” navigation button.

Step 2
Second Category Listing - If you would like your item to appear in a second Category/Sub Category select it here. In most cases this step can be skipped

Step 3
Item Details - Enter your item title and description, a full WYSIWYG Editor (what you see is what you get) is in place to enable you to use HTML descriptions. You can also choose to simplify this step by selecting one of the following:

  • Full Listing - all listing options are shown
  • Quick Listing - only basic listing options are shown.
  • Buy Out Item - create a Buy Out only item.

Step 4
Auction Settings - On this step you have several important settings and options to choose from. This step is divided into the following section:

  • Auction type
    • Standard Auction - This is a single quantity auction.
    • Dutch Auction - Dutch auction enables you to list a multiple quantity auction, for example if you have 100 pens to sell you can list all of these together in a single lot. Bidders will be able to select how many they wish to bid for.
  • Currency
    • You can select your preferred auction currency using the drop down menu available.
  • Quantity
    • This field is only active if listing a Dutch Auction; please see above for an explanation of this listing type.
  • Auction Start Price
    • This requires you to enter the minimum bid you are willing to accept, you can also set a reserve price to ensure you do not sell the item for this amount. Please see below for more information on this.
  • Enable Reserve Price
    • Enabling a reserve price affectively means you will not sell the item for less than the amount set, for example you can set the start price at 5.00 but only accept winning bids over 50.00, and should a bid be placed for 49.99 the item will close without a winner.
  • Enable Buy Out
    • Buy Out allows you to set an amount you are willing to sell the item for without having to wait for the auction to conclude. For example you can set the start price to 10.00 but offer interested parties the option to buy the item immediately for 100.00.
    • You can also list buy out only auctions, these auctions remove all bidding options meaning the listing can only be purchased for a set amount. To set a Buy Out only auction you need to set the Buy Out value to be exactly equal with the start bid.
  • Bid Increments
    • This option can be used to set your own custom bid increment if preferred.
  • Item Listing Features
    • The following options are available to you (small fees apply), these options will highlight your item on to ensure they reach more visitors:
  • Home Page Feature – Your item will be randomly featured on the Zimzy home page.
  • Category Featured – Your item will be randomly featured at the top of the items category section.
  • Bold Text – Your item will appear with bold text everywhere it appears on the Zimzy site.
  • Highlighted Item – The background will be highlighted yellow everywhere your item is in a list.
  • Start Time
    • You can choose to list your item right away or you have the option to define your own custom start date and time.
  • End Time
    • You can choose to set a defined number of days from the drop down or you have the option to define your own custom end date and time.
  • Private Auction
    • Private auction will hide the bidder’s identity on the item details page but does not hide the bid amount.
  • Accept Swap Offers
    • Enable this feature if you are willing to accept swap offers.
  • Auto Relist
    • For convenience you can opt to have your items automatically re-listed for you, options are available to allow you to select whether the item should be re-listed if sold and how many re-list attempts should be made.
  • Location
    • If not already selected, use the drop down to select your country and then enter the remaining details, state/province and zip/post code.

Step 5
Images/Media - To accompany your item you can either upload images from your local computer. In addition to images you can also upload media files.
Please note only .avi .mpeg .mov are supported.

Step 6
Shipping and Payment - On the next step you can set your shipping and payment preferences including your shipping rates and available methods of delivery.

Step 7
Listing Review – At this point you need to review your listing and make any necessary changes. Changes can be made in any of the previous steps by using the “Previous Step” navigation button. You will not lose any information already entered. If your listing does not require any changes you can submit it by pressing the “List Now” button. Alternately, if you want to save you listing in the Drafts section of your Members Area, press the “Save as Draft” button. This helps you quickly list the same or similar items at a future time.
Please note: You can still edit your listing once live via the Member’s Area.

Step 8
The final step provides you with a listing confirmation.

To Setup your store perform the following steps:

  1. Login in with your username and password.
  2. Click on the “Members Area” button at the top of the page.
  3. Locate and click the “Store Settings” link located in the My Store section.
  4. To get started give your store a Name and Description. (Everything on this page can be modified later)
  5. Check “Enable Store”
  6. Click “Proceed”

Your store is now setup!

You can edit each page the way you like, and customize it how you prefer.
Your new Store URL will be

Example: If you name your store “Nutrition4Life”, your URL would be:

Example: If you named your store “Zimzy Online Store”, your store URL would be: